HOSAAS – Home and Office South African APPs Store


HOSAAS is a unique platform established to digitally serve South African businesses across the spectrum. It focuses on linking business to the Home and Office markets. Small and medium businesses need affordable routes to market. At HOSAAS we combine the strength of these businesses whether they are virtual or physical through a suite of APPs. We create digital platforms that take them to markets by marrying needs of their customers to the solutions that they provide. We put South Africa’s leading APPs, service providers and suppliers in the palm of the hands of each of their customers anywhere and anytime that they are needed.


We achieve this through an APP Finder (Store) that enables users to search for an appropriate APP based on their needs at a point in time. This unique and simple app search capability links user needs to an APP that services such needs – in a simple and user friendly way. 



  • Why Users are excited about our APPs



2.1. HOSAAS APP Finder


We provide an efficient needs-driven and easy to use directory of APPs that helps users to quickly find suitable APPs that serve their needs. This helps users to access services through APPs thus bringing critical services that are APP-based to the palm of their hands. This unlocks a diverse and instant power of mobile online APPs to users in South Africa using their needs to find appropriate APPs anywhere and at anytime that they need these APPs. 


Our APP Finder is designed with the User in mind. It is user – friendly and easy to navigate. It is designed to enhance the use and availability of APPs in South Africa. It enables users to quickly find appropriate solutions to their needs – no matter how urgent their need is!



  • HOSAAS APP Directories



In addition to the APP Finder, HOSAAS has a suite of APP Directories that link users to service providers and suppliers per province. This ensures that users are not only linked to APPs that can quickly serve their needs through the APP Finder, but they can also be instantly directed to service providers and suppliers that can also satisfy their needs where necessary. This guarantees user’s total access to the available solutions to meet their needs through HOSAAS.


HOSAAS APP directories direct uses to service providers that are based in the provinces where the service is needed. This enables Users to source services locally and contribute to local economic development.



  • Our Commitment



Our commitment is to help users find solutions to their needs, instantly. HOSAAS is positioned to be a point of reference for users who need solutions through the power of mobile online APPs in South Africa.  We are needs – driven and service –oriented: Powered by APPs!! Our Users are our focal point, our subscribers offer solutions to the needs of our Users and we are a reliable and efficient conduit that links the need to a solution, with digital speed, simplicity, reach and effectiveness!! 



  • Prices



We charge an annual subscription fee of R590-00 to enlist APPs on our APP Finder and services on our APP Directories.